Green Auto Repair Service in Bloomington, IN

Sustainable Automotive Service Since 1995

Long History of Caring for the Environment

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Having helped organize environmental events and community education projects dating back to her days in California in the 1980’s, owner Melinda Seader was involved in preserving the environment long before the terms “green” and “sustainability” became marketing catch phrases. So it was only natural that when she and Don opened World Wide Automotive Service in 1995, the business would be committed to protecting the environment from the day it first opened it’s doors.

WWAS staff have gone beyond their own shop to share our environmental knowledge with others. Don Seader has assisted the local Waste Management District with the creation of a hazardous materials handling guide for the automotive courses at local vocational schools. He also assisted the Indiana Department of Environmental Management in the creation of a “5 Star” environmental recognition program for automotive service facilities.

Green Auto Repair Practices

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  • We recycle all paper, cardboard, metals, beverage containers
  • We purchase recycled content office and shop supply products
  • We use proper disposal channels for all hazardous waste materials, electronics, fluorescent bulbs, tires, etc
  • We purchase shop supplies in bulk, using refillable product dispensers vs single use containers
  • We use an aqueous (hot water only) parts cleaning system vs chemical solvents

The biggest step we have made to lessen our impact on the environment has been the construction of our ultra green facility which opened on September 1, 2009. For more information on the building’s green features, click on the “GREEN Facility” button. To see photos of the project, visit: